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Dear Author,

We know you're busy so we'll get right to the point.

If you’ve ever published — or thought about publishing  a book, then it’s important to understand what might be costing you valuable sales of your product.

Fact is, shoppers in a bookstore spend 8 seconds looking at the front cover of a book before deciding whether to buy it. Further, a survey of booksellers showed that 75% of them found the book cover to be the most important element of the book.

A poorly designed cover gives your potential customer the impression that the content inside is poorly written. If this is the expectation that your cover generates, why would anyone want to buy it?

Everyone knows an eye-catching eBook cover is essential for great marketing, yet, when eBook cover deals are offered, you’re enticed with these gorgeous book covers just like the top authors, the one per-centers who can afford to hire the top graphic designers.

Template packs you may have seen often look the same, or are follow the same boring design elements seen everywhere.

I had a breakthrough when I discovered a number of free online tools and  methods that make designing easy - with all of the most difficult design decisions made for you by design professionals.

What if all you needed to do is enter is your title, make some minor design tweaks clearly outlined in the guide for a gorgeous and completely unique looking cover - Just like the ones you see above?

Don't fall into the trap of buying template packs designed inside of Word or PowerPoint that were probably put together by someone with ZERO design experience.

The InstaCover guide will show you step by step and zero design experience how to design an amazing cover for your next book and get noticed over other authors in this very competitive market! 

Remember...Your potential customer takes only 8 seconds to decide on whether they add your book to their cart. A high quality cover matters!

  • No More Expensive Graphic Designers
  • No More Boring Templates
  • No More 'Look Alike' Amateur Designs

- Questions & Answers -

Q: I’m a complete design novice with no Photoshop or graphic design skills. Is this guide easy to follow?

A: Absolutely. We start completely from scratch assuming no knowledge whatsoever. I show you everything from where to go, where your artwork comes from, and how to make the cover, from start to finish, click by click.

Q: Is this a recycled guide from the internet or some software package that I will have to buy?

A: No. This guide was written completely from scratch out of frustration - I wanted to create beautiful covers time and time again with no graphic design knowledge, and without the need to pay an 'expert' every time I wanted a new cover.

Q: I’m not technical, can I really do this?

A: Absolutely! There is almost zero technical knowledge is required to design beautiful eBook or Kindle covers. 95% of what you’ll need to do to is point and click. The most 'designing' you will need to do is know what your book is about to help start building your cover (which you should know already!).

Q: Can I resell my designs?

A: Absolutely. Once you discover how quickly and easily this guide shows how you can create these stunning covers, you'll want to setup a small side business offering your designs! You'll make your investment back after your first sale!

$9.95 is affordable for almost everyone, especially if you're getting started. Which is why we created this product.

We are so confident that you will benefit from our guide that we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, please let us know. If this product doesn't deliver what we say on the tin, we will refund your money.


Look, Right Now, You Have 2 Options…


Option 1: Close this page and carry on with your day.

Keep going with trying to design from scratch, and picking up tips from around the web.

A product here, an article there, a video somewhere else…

Sure it can work.

You can find all the pieces of the jigsaw one by one and then with consistent time and effort you have a reasonable chance of fitting them together in the right order.

Don't forget though, this is the situation that I was in during my early days as an author and thousands of others who struggle to get their book noticed on Amazon and other publishing platforms.

It certainly wasn't pretty for me, or them, but maybe, just maybe, you are different.


Option 2: Be proactive and grab yourself a huge competitive advantage today with my instaCover guide.

One of the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs online and offline is that they leverage the experience and knowledge of others.

Why go about hiring an expensive designer or attempt designing something so important to the marketing of your product when you can simply deploy the same tactics that have been PROVEN to work by others?

If a map to your destination already exists, wouldn't you just grab it and use it?

I'll see you on the inside. Click the button below and let's get started with getting your book noticed...